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The High Tower, 2004

Mixed media sculpture with audio and video projection

 The High Tower presents a simple white architectural model of a ranch-style house and a projection emanating from it of a stationary view of the Stratosphere tower in Las Vegas through a window. In the video projection, swaying palm fronds frame the top of the tower. All other apertures (windows and doors) of the house do not allow a view inside. The muffled sound of a television emits from the house and the sounds of crickets, occasional cars, dogs, and sirens emit from the pedestal.

Intrigued by the Stratosphere tower’s dynamism — its amazing seductiveness in spite of its symbolism – and animated lighting promising constant transformation, theories of spectacle and control and Empire, Andy Warhol’s film of the Empire State Building, still came to mind. With that in mind, the coupling of the view of the tower with the banter of newscasters (who report the weather in Baghdad and comment that even in a time of war, sports continue!) seemed especially apropos.