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ADVENTURE NON-FICTION: Tracking the Void        

Single channel digital video, silent, running time 7 minutes, 18 seconds

Presented as three-channel installation with videos looped for exhibition: Image >>

ADVENTURE NON-FICTION: Tracking the Void is a silent video that samples places and moments in continuous tracking shots creating a space unto itself. Each of the three channels (presented side by side when screeded as a single channel work) is a distinct sample of the Las Vegas landscape. From left to right: A forward and reverse rotation around the corner of the abandoned “Queen of Hearts” in downtown Las Vegas, future site of City Hall; at center is the Las Vegas Strip, circa 2004, an endless stream of visitors and architectures many since mutated or erased. And finally, the ghost of the darkened “Aztec” never a name it held formally but one fitting for this “locals" casino and sports bar. It also had a stint as a farmers market but in the end was a cast-off hiding an interior city of homeless and briefly owned by the pop-icon Michael Jackson.

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