My photo and video based works often depict architectural ghosts operating as conceptual memento mori. The metaphoric palimpsests that recur throughout my work reflect my personal narrative as a child of immigrants and a semi-nomadic adult…since leaving San Francisco in 1998, I have called Newark, New Jersey, Las Vegas, Nevada and now Baltimore, Maryland home.

To me it seems quite fitting then that for more than a decade my gaze has been transfixed on Las Vegas, a transitory place where created illusion as well as its stripping away are easy experiences to come by. I began my work there from a distance. My first body of work picturing Las Vegas, Remote Viewing, focused on capturing the sensation and dynamic of a long glowing strip with a tower hovering overhead. Subsequent works were made after a surprising move gave me the perspective of a local and I came to understand how much the city embodies a remorseless and relentless attachment to reinvention. My last project depicting Las Vegas, Scouted, was undertaken with the city firmly in my rearview mirror. Picturing it through the gaze and purpose of others is especially apt as I consider how cultural artifacts mediate knowledge.