Art in America

Swenson, Kirsten. "Catherine Borg: Contemporary Arts Center" March 1, 2009, p.151-152.

LAS VEGAS. Much art out of Las Vegas is about Las Vegas, reflecting, perhaps, the challenge of adapting as a permanent resident to a place built for transients. The city’s remorseless self-destruction and relentless rebuilding is the subject of an untitled exhibition of recent work by Catherine Borg, a Bay Area native who arrived in Las Vegas in 2004 after five years in New York. [read more]

Las Vegas Weekly

Kelly, Danielle. "In Vacuum: Catherine Borg explores the terror of empty space" Oct 9, 2008, p.57.

Catherine Borg’s new exhibition at the Contemporary Arts Collective is scary. It’s called Untitled, the
perfect name for an exhibition that relentlessly tackles the immense terror of nothingness. Horror vacui,
horror films and the horror of the sublime: This exhibition looks at the frightening vastness of space, and
how and why we fill it. In videos, drawings and photos, Borg unforgivingly addresses what it means to live
and work in Las Vegas. It is one of the best shows of the year. [read more]

Las Vegas Sun

Peterson, Kristen. “Las Vegas in transformation: Video installations, drawings and backlit transparencies explore ever-changing valley”, November 13, 2008. Page 7.

Architecture on the Las Vegas Strip is akin to an old-style variety show. Acts appear, perform to great applause, then quickly scuttle away, making room for another bedazzling performance. "Tracking the Void" is a silent video that samples places and moments in continuous tracking shots creating a space unto itself that is circular, hollow, without end. [read more]

Las Vegas City Life

Keene, Jarett, “Casino deathwatch.”, October 9, 2008. Page 47.

Artist Catherine Borg's nearly 11-minute digital video installation titled "I only have stars for you; you only have stars for me" stands as perhaps one of the most disturbing accounts of a hotel-casino implosion ever documented -- not because of what is captured visually (we've all seen an implosion before), but because of the film's audio track, which the artist conveniently transcribes and presents as subtitles. [read more]

The Las Vegas Sun

Peterson, Kristen. “The walls that bind,” . April 8, 2008, page 7. [read more]