Untitled, 2013. Chromogenic print mounted between acrylic. 14” x 9.75”.

"Scouted: An inadvertent archive from the search for a cinematic Vegas"
The photographs in my series Scouted document erased and altered places photographed in 1994 and considered as stand-in locations for a fictionalized narrative based on actual events. Like the shards of a fractured mirror, the archive of pictures that is my source material reflect the landscape where they were taken, a city that is at once "for the camera" and a 24/7 back-lot. These images provide a vantage to see through time but what most interests me is the existential conditions these fractured constructions suggest. I capture and re-contextualize these images to ask viewers to look at and through the layers; to consider the constructs of making and looking at pictures and what it means to own an image.

March 31-April 7
: Faces of Liberty and Self-tending will be included in On Demand, a collection of short experimental video works screened in a loop each night at Light City Baltimore, on 10' x 20' screen located at #22 on the festival map

May 6, 2:00 p.m.: Self-tending will be included in Cine-Concert: Contemporary Experiments in Animation, a screening at the National Gallery of Art in Washington D.C. curated by Sharon Louden