Untitled, 2013. Chromogenic print mounted between acrylic. 14” x 9.75”.

The photographs in my series Scouted document erased and altered places photographed in 1994 and considered as stand-in locations for a fictionalized narrative based on actual events. Like the shards of a fractured mirror, the archive of pictures that is my source material reflect the landscape where they were taken, a city that is at once "for the camera" and a 24/7 back-lot. These images provide a vantage to see through time but what most interests me is the existential conditions these fractured constructions suggest. I capture and re-contextualize these images to ask viewers to look at and through the layers; to consider the constructs of making and looking at pictures and what it means to own an image.

In association with my Eadington Fellowship at UNLV's Center for Gaming Reseach, my paper: "Scouted: An inadvertent archive from the search for a cinematic Vegas." Occasional Paper Series, 31.Las Vegas: Center for Gaming Research, 2015.

Works from my Scouted series are in “PANORAMA: Selections from the Nevada Arts Council’s Artist Fellowship Program” at the Barrick Museum, Las Vegas, NV October 3–November 26, 2014, then the exhibit tours through 2016

Self-tending (2010) has been traveling to several venues with Baltimore-Based,a screening of experimental film and video works curated by Sight Unseen